Now that the family has grown to three, it is time to make provisions for the newest member by getting a triple strollers. Maybe you didn’t know, but the industry has been ready for your needs with these products. It is not very common to see parents pushing a triple stroller, but thankfully, they are available in the market. Therefore, read this article to learn every good thing about them. Well, if there are bad sides to them, we will let you know too.

Benefits of triple strollers

If you are wondering whether to spend the extra dollars or save your money, the answer is that the investment is worth it. If you want to enjoy your evening stroll with your three bundles of joy, grab a stroller for three now. There are many benefits for you if you have one of the best brands such as:

  1. Ease of movement.

With a triple stroller, one parent can go anywhere with three children unassisted.

  1. Spacious

These strollers are roomier than others. Therefore, you can carry everything you need without stress.

  1. Safety

Every parent worries when they are not with their kids.  A stroller enables you to take with you anywhere and enjoy peace of mind.

Things to consider before buying a triple stroller

Please, don’t buy any brand without checking out some important factors necessary for a good deal.

  1. Weight Capacity

A triple stroller carries three children at the same time. As such, the weight capacity is a factor you shouldn’t compromise. It must be sufficient to assure the safety of the kids. Some of the brands have a weight capacity of 120 to 160 pounds. Apart from the kids, you may love to carry other things to make your journey exciting. Therefore, check the weight and the framework of the stroller before buying. Also, make sure that the stroller can accommodate your children when they add extra pounds as well.

  1. Dimensions

The space in the stroller should be adequate for your kids to be comfortable. Make sure that there is adequate room for them to relax as you stroll with them. Therefore, look for an adjustable triple stroller if you can help it. We recommend them because they are even more durable since they have enough room.

  1. Stroller Weight

The weight of the stroller itself shouldn’t create an additional burden. If you can find lightweight brands, you’ve gotten it right. Some strollers for three weigh from 32lbs to 77lbs at least for some brands I have seen. Look for a light one to ease your load.

  1. Folding mechanism

You can’t keep your stroller standing after the day’s stroll. Therefore, look for the brand you can fold and easily store. It doesn’t end in folding but can the stroller enter a small space after folding? Check all these out before buying.

  1. Brakes & parking mechanism

Check if the brand has hand brakes before you select it. A hand brake is easily assessable in times of panic. Therefore, a brake is a must, and a hand brake is better. Also, check if the stroller’s wheel clamp can carry your heavy load.

  1. Reclining Positions.

Have you noticed that children and mood swings are inseparable? One of your children may suddenly want to sleep while others prefer to sit and watch the scenery. If such a thing occurs, your stroller should enable them to fulfil their small wishes. So, buy a brand that has a reclining capability for each seat.

  1. Seat Belts

Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller

Foundations The Trio Sport

Seat belt mechanism must be present in any brand you pick. This is a safety measure you shouldn’t compromise. Without a seat belt, your kids may put you into trouble. Therefore, make it a priority before you buy.

  1. Interior construction

Check the interior build for space. At least, you need to carry beverages, snacks, and stuffed animals for your trio. So, let the outside be strong, and the inside is comfy.

The good news about a triple stroller is that you can find a brand that will suit your needs both in budget and lifestyle. Apart from your budget, there are two important things you should focus on when buying a triple stroller. The first one is that the brand must be functional and practical too. We know that it is good to look for a stylish triple stroller, but safety and complete functional features should be the focus. As you read on, to What Are The Top Brands Of Triple Strollers?, you will see some brands that will surpass your expectations.



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