Before running out and buying a double Jogging Stroller you need to consider a few things. You need to know what stroller you should get, a tandem or side by side stroller. Will a tandem have enough legroom for the baby at the back? Will the side by side stroller fit through the door? Then there is your budget, think functional before style.

Contours Curve Tandem Double Stroller by Baby Trend

What I love about this stroller is its 6-wheel design. It really is extremely easy to handle and with its curb assist, going up or down a sidewalk is a breeze, it can turn 360 making it almost effortless to steer.

best double jogging stroller

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The seats are comfortable and reversible, water-resistant, easy to snap on or off, and can hold children up to 40 lbs. The brake is sandals, loafer, and flip-flop friendly. It has a Universal Adapter making it compatible with other car seat brands. This fact makes it the best double stroller with a car seat.

As with a lot of strollers, it has a big basket underneath for the little extra things to carry weighs about 39.5 pounds and is easy to fold away. When it is in use it measures 25″ x 51” x 41″.

Minno Twin Double Stroller by Evenflo

This compact and 26-pound lightweight stroller is really comfortable for the little ones with its front wheel suspension and measures a mere 27″ in width so it can fit in most doorways. The oversized canopy offers great protection against the sun and is easy to fold up.

Twin Double Stroller

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It can take up to 45 lbs per child, that makes it 90 lbs in total and still be easy to push and maneuver up and down sidewalks Once it is folded it is super-small, and it is easy to clean using mild soap and water.

Flex Duallie 2 0 Jogging Stroller by BOB Revolution

From the day your little one is born he can be put into this stroller until he reaches 50 pounds. It measures 30.5 W x.43″ H x 48″ D and weighs 33.1 lbs. It is great for on-and off-road jogging with its swivel-locking front wheel. The tires are air filled which is a big plus as it can be changed to bike shop if needed instead of sending it back to the manufacturer.

best double jogging stroller

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It has front wheel tracking that is adjustable that improves the alignment with a twist of a knob enabling it to keep the stroller’s direction true when the front wheels are locked for jogging. The brake is activated by your foot. The padded handlebar can be adjusted to the height of 33 to 50.5 inches. This makes for the best jogging stroller.

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Buggy

This stroller and weights 20 lbs making it very easy to push and is perfect for quick errands and travel.

The seats are 26” and deep recline that is ideal for naps. The canopy has flick-out Visors for extra protection against the sun. It fits any standard doorway of a house and is perfect for city dwelling parents who are limited with space.

double stroller with car seat

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It drops into a standing fold making it easy to store, and furthermore, it has carry handle and shoulder strap for easy transportation. This one is the most compact of them all and therefore is the best double stroller.



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